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Egg Drop Challenge

The egg drop challenge is a long standing tradition of the Science, Earth, and Health Fair, and has carried over to Science in the Park. This year, we partner with the Hayward Fire Department - their firefighters drop the eggs from the top of their 60 foot fire engine ladder!

The challenge begins at 12:00 pm.  Every participant will receive a prize! 

How to Participate

Design and build a container that will protect a raw egg from a 60ft fire engine ladder drop!

  • Bring your own packaged egg.

  • Egg must be raw.

  • Packaging can be made from anything.

  • Eggs will not be returned.

  • Limit ONE (1) egg per participant.

Como Participar

¡Diseña y construye un recipiente que pueda proteger a un huevo crudo de una caída de 60 pies desde la escalera de camión de bomberos!

  • Trae tu propio huevo empaquetado.

  • El huevo debe estar crudo.

  • El paquete puede estar hecho con cualquier material.

  • Los huevos no se devolverían.

  • Límite de UN (1) huevo por participante.

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